Meet Bella Chick Designs!

Where did Bella Chick Designs come from?
The name comes from two of my loves. The first: "Bella" is the name that my husband has called me ever since we started dating. Chick comes from my love of all things rustic and reclaimed. I decided to put those two things together to make beautiful rustic creations.

As I started creating things for our home when we got married I loved to make things that you couldn't find everywhere, or things I saw that inspired me. As I've started creating things for other people, I've loved seeing people respond to something that I've made and knowing that it is going to be a tiny part of their love story.

Then, we began the adoption process and realized that this passion for creating could help us accomplish another great desire- to grow our family. This path was long and hard (and a bit expensive...) and this shop was a way to redirect that energy into something positive and beautiful.

So, I decided to set up shop here, and would love to make something that inspires YOU, or something that might cause a little bit of beauty in your life.